Third Trimester

I have begun Week 27 and the 3rd Trimester (even though some places I've read that the 3rd Trimester begins in week 28.)  Anyways, I'm close enough!  Things have been going great.  Weight gain is at 15 pounds (yikes!).  My main complaints are shortness of breath at random times and mostly when I'm sitting down.  I've been experiencing some back pain, but only if I'm on my feet for long periods of time.  It's also been hard to get a good night's sleep, mostly because I wake up in the middle of the night wide awake.  His movements have definitely been getting a lot stronger, and Scott is now able to feel him moving around.  Let's hope things stay good for the next 3 months.  We started our birth and labor prep classes last week.  Still on the agenda for this weekend is to get the baby furniture ordered and start really putting the nursery together!  Here's some pics.

Here I am at exactly 27 Weeks.

Front View

Shiloh and me cuddling

Shiloh lounging on top of all the extra bedding I need to be comfortable at night

And a pic of my first homemade chicken pot pie.  It actually turned out pretty good!

24 Weeks

Ah, the weeks just keep rolling by.  I can't believe it!  Well, we've reached 24 weeks.  Nothing much new to report.  I've been feeling pretty good, physically.  Weight gain is at 11 pounds.  Still not having any cravings of note, except I guess fruit juice.  I took the last couple weeks off from working out, but plan to get back in the gym this week.  Here I am...finally broke out the maternity clothes.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and dad were in town and I got to get a head start on baby shopping.  We picked out the crib bedding, as well as a few decor items, clothes, and other miscellaneous baby stuff.  The room that will be his nursery is pretty neutral, so I don't think we are going to have to do any painting, which is good since neither Scott nor I have any experience in painting or other home decorating projects.

Here is the nursery, as of now.  We have a lot of work to do!

The bedding we picked out.  The wall decor items will be red stars.

These little socks and shoes are just sooo cute.  So tiny!

He already has quite the wardrobe.  Here's one of his stylin' outfits.

And here is the little cap and pod I had specially made for his newborn pictures.  Cuteness.

We have a pretty good start on getting prepared!  This week I plan on ordering the nursery furniture and also most of the big essentials, like stroller, etc.  Only about 4 months to go!

22 Weeks

5 months of pregnancy are over and I am now beginning month 6!  Nothing much has changed since my last post, which is a good thing.  Still feeling pretty good and my foot has gotten a lot better.  My weight gain at 22 weeks is at 10 pounds.  I've been sleeping great, which is a blessing!  Here I am.

Last night, a bunch of girls from my sorority got together to catch up at my friend Lindsay's house.  I couldn't drink any of the delicious sangria, but made sure I got my share of the appetizers.  It was great catching up with everyone!

Rachae checking out the bump

Me, Vess and Rachae

And what kind of post would this be without the token Shiloh pictures?  We got her groomed last week and gave her a REAL poodle haircut.  I can't believe how different she looks!



It's a boy!

Finally, the day we have been waiting for for the last 4 months arrived!  We went in today for my 20-week checkup and anatomy ultrasound.  We were both pretty anxious to find out that our baby was healthy, first and foremost.   Then we found out, it's a boy!  And everything is looking good at this point.  His heartbeat was 148 BPM and he is 14 oz (55th percentile.)  So, it looks like I am still on track for a December 24th due date.  Other pregnancy highlights since the last time I wrote (boring, but hey, these are my pregnancy memories):

  • Last time I wrote, I mentioned how I walked around the mall a bunch and did errands and then my back was killing me.  Well, this also resulted in plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  My arch was KILLING me for awhile.  I found some really supportive shoes and inserts, so it's getting better now.  I guess my high heels will be taking a hiatus for the rest of the pregnancy.
  • I started developing rib pain, mostly when I'm lying on my sides.  It's not too bad, just annoying.
  • I've now moved on from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Cap'n Crunch.
  • Weight gain at 20 weeks: 8 pounds.
  • He's been moving a lot more frequently, but we're still waiting for his kicks to get strong enough for Scott to feel.

Now for some pics.  These were all taken today, at 20 weeks and 4 days.  I am amazed because I look much bigger in these pics than I do when I look in the mirror.

His foot...does it look like he has a lot of toes??

The "boy" shot

Okay, this picture is a little freaky, but it's his face and arms.  We've decided he has my pointy chin.

Oh, and a cute pic of Shiloh because she's part of the family too.

Of course, we're both very excited!  Time to start planning a new nursery, since my whole pink princess nursery is no longer going to cut it.

18 Weeks

I reached the 18 week mark, which also signifies the end of 4 months of pregnancy.  5 more months seems sooo long, but I know it will go by fast.  Here are recent highlights (lowlights?) at this point:

  • I first felt the baby move during Week 16.  But more recently, the movements have become stronger and more frequent.  It's amazing!
  • I've gained 6 pounds so far.
  • No real cravings.  But, I've been eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal everyday.  I haven't had that since I was a kid.
  • During Week 16, I developed some sort of rash on the sides of my stomach.  It's gotten better, but comes and goes.  (This is definitely a lowlight.)
  • Yesterday, I went to the mall and ran some errands.  By the time I got home, my back was KILLING me.  I've realized I can't spend so much time walking.
  • Oh, and I am definitely showing, but I still feel like I just look fat and not pregnant.

We dog-sat Jason and Nathan's two dogs this weekend.  Shiloh loves her cousins!

And only 6 more weeks 'til the beginning of the college football season.  We are both anxiously waiting!  I caught Scott watching old Georgia football clips.

And I Thought We Were The Only Ones

Lately, I've been perusing pregnancy message boards, getting lots of information.  I ran across this post today, and couldn't help but chuckle, as I've asked this question to Scott a few times already.   The topic of the post was: "Why do people care so much what I name my baby?"

The post went on to read:

"It's not just on this site, but in real life too.  It seems like everyone is way too GD opinionated on what I name my kid.  What's it to you that it has more than two syllables?  You don' t have to say the whole name out loud.  That's my job.  Ugh!  People really piss me off."

Some of my favorite responses:

  • " Didn't you know?  When you have a baby, every person you know suddenly thinks its theirs and they need to give their opinion on anything and everything you do.  Especially the name!"
  • "The LAST thing I want is judgment. Or hearing 'don't name it that my crazy uncle was named that' or 'wasn't there a porn star/ serial killer/ reality TV star/ etc named that?"
  • "Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion and seems to think us pregnant women need their guidance because the hormones interfere with our ability to name our children appropriately.

Reading this post did three things for me: 1) Made me laugh, 2) Made me realize we're really not rude parents-to-be, and 3) Confirmed our decision to avoid revealing baby names to anyone except a select few.

**Disclaimer: This post is not directed at any members of our immediate families whose opinions we not only accept, but value immensely (aka, my mom.)  :-)

16 Weeks

Things have been pretty uneventful around here!  I had my 16-week checkup yesterday, which was quick.  The baby's heartbeat was 150 beats per minute and everything checked out good.  I'm definitely developing a "belly," but it's not too noticeable yet when I'm wearing clothes.  Symptoms-wise, I've been feeling great.  A little bit of back pain at night, but nothing else really noticeable.  I've been monitoring my weight gain closely and it's at 5 pounds so far.  We get to find out the sex at the next appointment and can't wait!  We both have a feeling it's going to be a girl... Otherwise, we have been trying to stay cool.  The temperatures have been in the 90's the last few days and we have been able to make it through without pulling out our mammoth air conditioner.  Luckily, it's supposed to cool down.  I'm so glad I won't be in my third trimester during the summer.  I don't think Scott would be able to handle all my complaining and whining.

Oh, and here's a pic from a wedding we attended last weekend at Suncadia Resort.

3 Months Down...6 To Go!

Friday marked the official beginning of my 2nd trimester and 4th month!  I can't believe 3 months has already passed, but I am very thankful I made it, and without any majorly horrible symptoms.  Besides being tired and having some headaches, I have to say I almost felt normal the entire 3 months.  I can already feel my energy coming back and I actually made it to kickboxing class 3 times this week, which I haven't done since being pregnant.  I also haven't had any bad headaches for a couple weeks now.  :-)  AND, we get to find out the sex of the baby on August 10.

A pic to document how I spent the latter part of my 1st trimester.

In non-pregnancy news, we've really been loving our house!  We're still in the process of getting things done here and there, but it's a great feeling to know when we buy something or do something for the house, it's permanent and we won't be moving for awhile.  Another great thing about this place is that it stays very cool, which is a blessing after last summer's 100 degree temperatures.  It hit 70+ plus this week, and I didn't even complain (which is very rare for me.)  Last night we went and saw Cirque du Soleil with some friends, which was a very entertaining show.

Just another pic of Scott and Shiloh.  She wasn't happy because she knew we were leaving soon.

Scott and I at dinner.

Oh, and I FINALLY got around to officially changing my last name!  (It only took me 10 months.)  One of these days I'll get around to ordering wedding pictures too...