Less than two weeks!

I can't believe it is less than 2 weeks until the wedding!  I am amazed to say this, but I think the last month of planning has been the easiest and least stressful.  I feel like all of the big decisions are made and I have been pretty good about being very organized since the beginning, which is paying off now.   It looks like we have FINALLY narrowed down our final guest list and I'm ready to start working on the seating chart.  The only slightly stressful thing has been that we will be having more guests than anticipated (by 20), but with the economy and number of out of town guests we invited, it was really hard to get an accurate estimate. Scott left a bit ago for his bachelor party and won't be back until tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to a nice evening with my friend Kathy.   Our plans consist of sitting in our pajamas, drinking wine, eating pizza and blizzards and watching Sex and the City The Movie.  Who could ask for a better night?