Those little details

Well, here we are with 8 days to go until the wedding.  I can't believe we started planning this more than a year ago.  As we get closer, I am finding it harder to concentrate at work!  (Big surprise.)  Anyways, it's been a bit busy the last few days, just working out the final very small details and today I thought my head was going to explode.  I created detailed diagrams for the bridal party and families, showing where everyone is to stand and sit.  I also emailed our Edgewater contact with the FINAL little details.  We had our initial meeting with our dj last night, loved him.  Just have to pick out our playlist before I talked to him again on Tuesday.  Things are moving along! The only big tasks I still have to tackle are the seating chart and placecards.  I'll be doing the placecards myself, which is scary, because I am NOT a do-it-yourself type at all.  Even though I am going a bit crazy with all these little things the last few days, I am telling myself it's worth it now, so that next week I can relax and just enjoy visiting with family and friends!

It's also been tough to concentrate because we are SO looking forward to our mini-moon to Puerto Vallarta!  Since Scott and I are both in the first year of our jobs, it was too difficult to try to get much time off work, so we decided to postpone taking a real honeymoon.  We're going to Puerto Vallarta Labor Day weekend and did an all-inclusive package through Costco travel.  We'll be staying at the Grand Velas.  It looks fabulous and even though it's only a mini-moon, it will be the first real vacation we've been on by ourselves ever.  Isn't that amazing and also sad?

Okay, enough wedding babble.  I have to go unpack wedding presents.  :-)