Weather Gods, do you hear me??

I've been so preoccupied lately, it never really dawned on me to check the weather. That is, until a couple days ago, when my co-worker asked me if I had looked at the extended forecast. Since then, every morning, I wake up, and log onto 5 different weather sites. It's been exasperating because a couple of the sites are forecasting rain (yikes!), while others are forecasting a sunny day. I know it's too early, and the weather around here is unpredictable, but I'm really hoping for at least a partly sunny day. Cross your fingers. In other oh so exciting wedding news, I was able to finish the seating arrangements in just minutes, thanks to Martha Stewart's wedding seating tool on her website. That lady sure knows how to make things easy! I'm headed to PaperZone today to purchase all the materials I need for creating the placecards and I'm excited because Scott "agreed" to help. (Agreed = gave in after he saw the glimmer of a bridezilla in my eyes.)

Tomorrow, it's off to my massage and manicure, and then to my surprise bachelorette party. I say "surprise" because I have no idea what we're doing, but I can't wait! Of course, we'll also be busy preparing the house for the arrival of Scott's family on Wednesday!