The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Wow.  The whirlwind is officially over!  Family and friends visiting, wedding, and trip to Puerto Vallarta.  I'm definitely going to make sure to get everything down because I don't want to forget any of it.  I'll start with my bachelorette party!

During the planning, my bridesmaids were keeping my party a secret, so I had no idea what we would be doing.  I was just told to be dressed and ready.  Mel picked me up and we headed to Vess's apartment, where the girls were with food and drinks.

My party began with the girls sitting me down in a chair and Rachae handing me some money.  My first thought was "No way they hired a stripper."  Then Vess started blasting Justin Timberlake and it was SO loud.  I asked her to turn it down.  Then came out Marky, a friend of ours from college, doing a "dance!"  I was so surprised.  He was a good sport about it though and it ended up being really funny.  He even had his sailor costume on.  (Don't worry, there was no nudity involved.)



Sue, Vess, Qwyn, Rachae, Kitty, me and Mel at the apartment before heading out on the town

After Marky's great "performance," some drinks and food, we headed down to Post Alley and went to The Tasting Room, which is a cute little wine tasting place.  We were joined there by my other friends Lindsay, Kristin, and Mary. Everyone else was wearing black and everyone had feathers in their hair.  How cute!

tasting room


From there, we headed to a cool bar right next door, called Kell's.  There were way too many funny times, but one of the best moments was when we told Rachae to grab the tambourine from the band and start playing it.  The other band member's were all for it, but the tambourine player was not.


Here she is after the mean tambourine man snatched the tambourine back away from her


Mine and Kitty's reaction to Rachae getting in trouble.  (I LOVE this pic.)

dont touch

All night long, I had to keep reminding the girls not to touch my veil!  Here we are, right after I warned Kitty.


Another classic picture.  Someone spilled their drink close to Kitty's phone.


After Kell's, we headed into Belltown and stopped at Amber for a quick drink.  We were in the dancing mood by then.

Finally, we ended the night with some dancing at Tia Lou's.  This included myself, Rachae, and Mel dancing in the middle of the club on a big cube.  (No pics of that needed.)  We're lucky we didn't fall off of it.  But we survived!



For days after the party, we were trying to figure out who plucked the blue feather from Rachae's head (you can see it in Vess's mouth.)


Then we found this pic, and realized I was the one who plucked it!  Here I am, showing Vess.

It was a crazy night, but SOOO much fun!  Thank you girls for everything!  I can't wait to start planning one of these for you.  :-)


This pic sums up the night.  What is going on here?!!