Quick update

So, what has been happening?  The weather has been beautiful...perfect fall days with lots of sun.  I still need to blog about the wedding and our trip to Mexico, which I will do one of these days when I am feeling ambitious.  For now, our wedding gallery is live.  The pictures turned out really great, of course, thanks to the talented Kristen Honeycutt.  You can see the pics here.  Click on "client proofing" at the bottom of the page.  The password is: ashleyscott. Last weekend, I got to go to the Seahawks game with Vess.  She had gotten free tickets from work.  We had awesome seats, in the club level and it was a gorgeous day.  Unfortunately, the Seahawks lost, but I was glad I got to go to at least one game this season.  It was ironic because while I attended the football game, Scott stayed home and cleaned.

Picture 001Me and Vess at the Seahawks game, September 27

Scott surprised me last week by sending me flowers at work.  (How sweet.)  He's been sick the last couple of weeks and had to leave work early today because he was feeling nauseated.  Let's hope he doesn't have the flu!  Also last week, I woke up and found that Shiloh had gotten into a bag of caramel corn (which I had brought home from the Seahawks game.)  We had left the bag sitting on the coffee table and she had managed to eat a good portion of it.  Little pieces of popcorn were all over the floor.  Let's just say the caramel corn kind of messed up her system.  We'll be sure to be more careful about where we leave stuff!

Just yesterday, we finally started going through our wedding gifts and getting the house a little more organized.  We've gotten some great stuff so far, and I can't wait to go and finish off our registry and be rid of all the packaging from our gifts.  There is sooo much garbage from all the gifts.

Oh, and I am attempting to read a book.  Ever since law school, I have been unable to read for pleasure.  However, since I've been out of school for more than a year, I decided to give it another go.  I've been reading Twilight (I know, I'm a little late.)  It's okay so far, but I'm still waiting to get to the really good parts that are making everyone freak out over this series.  Exciting stuff, I know!