Our Little Gimpy

I arrived home from work on Friday and found that Shiloh had injured herself. (Her first injury ever!)  She had jumped out of Scott's arms, and although he tried to grab her, she ended up falling on her leg on the hardwood.  I walked in the door and I have never seen Scott so worried.  (It was quite sweet actually.)  Shiloh was hobbling around, in good spirits, but wouldn't use her back right leg. Just to be safe, I ended up taking her to the dog ER at the animal hospital.  This is a full-blown hospital, with multiple floors with specialties (radiology, cardiology, etc.)  Owners were visiting their dogs who were staying in the hospital overnight!  In the end, the doc checked Shiloh out and thought it was probably just a sprain.  She did offer x-rays, but I declined them, along with the $200 pricetag.  She gave us some codeine and told us she should start getting better within the week.  Even though it's sad to see her hurt, she's so darn cute hobbling around!  I had to take some video. (Please mute your sound so you don't hear my horrid voice.)



Luckily, she has been improving daily.  Our biggest challenge now will be getting her to settle down and stop playing so the leg can heal fully.

In football news, sadly, both our teams have fallen on hard times.  However, we attended the UW/Oregon game on Saturday with high hopes.  UW got killed, but we had fun!  I'm confident they can still pull off three wins and get to a bowl game. (Kind of.)

Picture 019UW vs. Oregon homecoming 10-24-2009