For Halloween this year, we headed over to Whidbey Island to my cousin Chip's beach house, along with Jason and Nathan.  We were very happy we had plans to be out of town because this saved us from having to scramble to put together some lame costume and we were also able to avoid having to go out in Seattle and deal with all the Halloween crazies! Chip and Paul's house is beautiful and we had a wonderful time.  The weather was really windy when we got over there, but that didn't stop us from taking a walk on the beach.  The rest of the time, we just hung out by the fire and ate some delicious food.  Oh, we did carve pumpkins, so it wasn't like we totally ignored Halloween.

Jason looks very happy with that knife in his hand.

Very mature, Scott.  This is something my 10-year-old niece would do.

The finished products.  From left to right: Chip, Jason, Paul, Scott, Ashley, and Nathan.  Mine was a "W" for UW.  Scott claimed his was asian, like me.

We braved the wind and took a walk on the beach.

In front of the beautiful house.

The cozy living room.

I think all the dogs, including Gabi, enjoyed the vacation too.

Getting ready for a delicious dinner of crab bisque and salmon!

We can't wait to go back in the summer!