The Wedding

I'm not really sure what to say about our wedding, but figured I should write at least something about it!  Like everyone has told me before, it went by in a flash!  All those months of planning and worry were over in what seemed like an instant.  Overall, I have to say all the planning was worth it.  It turned out to be everything I had imagined and all without too much stress.  We want to thank everyone who attended and helped make our big day so special.  And a thanks to our families for their support, and a special thanks to my mom and dad for being so generous and footing the bill.  :-)   With that being said, here is a rundown of highlights from the wedding:

  • The decision to serve the vodka-infused pineapple martini during cocktail hour was a great one.  We're pretty sure this helped lead to the jammed dancefloor all night.
  • I was ecstatic over how the decor turned out!  Our florist, Carin, did an amazing job and so did Rented Elegance, who provided most of the other decor items.  My bouquet also turned out exactly how I envisioned.  I was amazed Carin was able to create such a beautiful bouquet just by talking to me and asking me what I wanted.
  • The food was great...well, everyone kept telling us that.  Unfortunately, I barely ate any of it.  :-(
  • Vanessa did an AMAZING job as our officiant. We couldn't have asked for someone better.
  • The only slight hang-ups we had were that the staff forgot to excuse two of the tables for the buffet.  By the time they got up to get their food, others were on their seconds!  And, the Edgewater ran out of prime rib, after we were told that there definitely would be enough for seconds.
  • Finally, our bridal party was awesome.  We had so much fun taking pictures and hanging out.  Definitely a great group of people.  We are blessed to have such great family and friends.

Here are a few of our wedding pictures.  Obviously, there are way too many to post on the blog.  I already posted information for viewing our picture gallery in this post, or you can find a narrower selection of our faves here.  As you can tell from the pictures, our photographer Kristen, was amazing.

Disclaimer:  Okay, I thought it was a good idea to try to post some pics on the blog, but I got tired of trying to pick which ones, so check the links above.