GA Visit - Chris & Abby's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Georgia to attend Chris (Scott's brother) and Abby's wedding.  We haven't been back to Georgia to see Scott's family in a couple of years, so it was nice to finally get to be down there again.  Luckily, our travel plans went smooth and I was feeling great.  I can't imagine having to travel with morning sickness.  Thursday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Chris made barbecued pork, which he smoked.  It was delicious!

The next day was the wedding, which was right on the Chattahoochee River.  Besides being a little hot, the weather was perfect.  It started raining, but luckily, the ceremony and pictures were already taken and we were all inside for the reception.

The beautiful couple.

During the dollar dance, the DJ announced that the same sexes could dance together.  Here's Chris and his cousin Alan.  Chris looks thrilled?

On Saturday, we got to spend the day with one of Scott's best friends, Paul.  We started off at the Taste of the Highlands, which was a food festival.  It was sooo hot!  I mostly sat in the shade.  Scott and Paul had fun sampling some margaritas.  Then we headed to the Tap Room, an italian dinner, and then to hang out with more of his friends.  It was a full day!

Dinner at Baroanda

On our last day in GA, Scott's mom, Beau, Chris and Abby came over to his Me-Maw's house and we got to enjoy a southern home cooked meal of fried chicken, meatloaf, roast, fried okra, and so much more.  Yum.  Even though they had just had a million pictures taken at the wedding, we decided to take some more family pics.

The only *bad* thing that happened on our trip is that some hoodlums either threw or shot something at our rental car window!  We're not even sure when it happened, but we were worried we would have to pay for it, since our insurance deductible is so high.  However, we found out that American Express will cover the cost up to our deductible.  :-)  What a relief.

Great trip!  Congrats to Chris and Abby!