3 Months Down...6 To Go!

Friday marked the official beginning of my 2nd trimester and 4th month!  I can't believe 3 months has already passed, but I am very thankful I made it, and without any majorly horrible symptoms.  Besides being tired and having some headaches, I have to say I almost felt normal the entire 3 months.  I can already feel my energy coming back and I actually made it to kickboxing class 3 times this week, which I haven't done since being pregnant.  I also haven't had any bad headaches for a couple weeks now.  :-)  AND, we get to find out the sex of the baby on August 10.

A pic to document how I spent the latter part of my 1st trimester.

In non-pregnancy news, we've really been loving our house!  We're still in the process of getting things done here and there, but it's a great feeling to know when we buy something or do something for the house, it's permanent and we won't be moving for awhile.  Another great thing about this place is that it stays very cool, which is a blessing after last summer's 100 degree temperatures.  It hit 70+ plus this week, and I didn't even complain (which is very rare for me.)  Last night we went and saw Cirque du Soleil with some friends, which was a very entertaining show.

Just another pic of Scott and Shiloh.  She wasn't happy because she knew we were leaving soon.

Scott and I at dinner.

Oh, and I FINALLY got around to officially changing my last name!  (It only took me 10 months.)  One of these days I'll get around to ordering wedding pictures too...