And I Thought We Were The Only Ones

Lately, I've been perusing pregnancy message boards, getting lots of information.  I ran across this post today, and couldn't help but chuckle, as I've asked this question to Scott a few times already.   The topic of the post was: "Why do people care so much what I name my baby?"

The post went on to read:

"It's not just on this site, but in real life too.  It seems like everyone is way too GD opinionated on what I name my kid.  What's it to you that it has more than two syllables?  You don' t have to say the whole name out loud.  That's my job.  Ugh!  People really piss me off."

Some of my favorite responses:

  • " Didn't you know?  When you have a baby, every person you know suddenly thinks its theirs and they need to give their opinion on anything and everything you do.  Especially the name!"
  • "The LAST thing I want is judgment. Or hearing 'don't name it that my crazy uncle was named that' or 'wasn't there a porn star/ serial killer/ reality TV star/ etc named that?"
  • "Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion and seems to think us pregnant women need their guidance because the hormones interfere with our ability to name our children appropriately.

Reading this post did three things for me: 1) Made me laugh, 2) Made me realize we're really not rude parents-to-be, and 3) Confirmed our decision to avoid revealing baby names to anyone except a select few.

**Disclaimer: This post is not directed at any members of our immediate families whose opinions we not only accept, but value immensely (aka, my mom.)  :-)