Third Trimester

I have begun Week 27 and the 3rd Trimester (even though some places I've read that the 3rd Trimester begins in week 28.)  Anyways, I'm close enough!  Things have been going great.  Weight gain is at 15 pounds (yikes!).  My main complaints are shortness of breath at random times and mostly when I'm sitting down.  I've been experiencing some back pain, but only if I'm on my feet for long periods of time.  It's also been hard to get a good night's sleep, mostly because I wake up in the middle of the night wide awake.  His movements have definitely been getting a lot stronger, and Scott is now able to feel him moving around.  Let's hope things stay good for the next 3 months.  We started our birth and labor prep classes last week.  Still on the agenda for this weekend is to get the baby furniture ordered and start really putting the nursery together!  Here's some pics.

Here I am at exactly 27 Weeks.

Front View

Shiloh and me cuddling

Shiloh lounging on top of all the extra bedding I need to be comfortable at night

And a pic of my first homemade chicken pot pie.  It actually turned out pretty good!