2 Months Old Already!

Obviously this post is way overdue!  Let's see...where do I even begin?  Decker is truly our dream child!  One night before he turned 6 weeks, he miraculously slept for 9 hours straight and has been doing it ever since!  Usually he will sleep for 9-10 hours, then will wake up for a feed, and go back down for another 2-3 hours.  AND, he sleeps in his OWN room in his bassinet.  We're currently working on transitioning him into his crib.  Once we have the crib down, then it will be time to wean him from his swaddle.  His naps are still pretty short and taken in his swing all day, but I'm also trying to get those lengthened out.  However, he could just be a short napper.  But I can't complain because it feels amazing to be a mom with a full night's rest! Around 5-6 weeks, he also started cooing and enjoying his activity center.  He will lay there and just stare up at the toys, kick his legs, and coo.  It's so cute.  He also started smiling and he is such a happy guy!  Seeing his expressions makes everything so much more fun.  He loves to to watch us make different faces with our mouths, whistle and blow bubbles.  He also LOVES his baths and we think he likes watching tv too.  He is always staring at it and last night, we stuck him in his bouncy chair and he watched The O'Reilly Factor.  ;-)

A couple weeks ago, Decker got to meet his Meme and Memaw.  They came out and stayed with us for a week and were the biggest help!  Last week, I took him to Moses Lake to visit my parents and he did great on the trip.  We stopped in Ellensburg both ways to eat and change his diaper, but otherwise, he just slept.  :-)

He had his 2-month checkup a couple days ago.  He weighs 12 pounds, 3 oz. and is 23.5 inches long (both in the 80th percentile!)  His head circumference is in the 65th percentile.  He also has a HUGE appetite.  For the past 4 weeks, he has been eating around 30 oz. per day.  I told the doc this and she was pretty surprised, but said he must need it.  Everything else went great with his checkup and he did pretty well with his shots.  Just a little bit of crying.  He is such a sweet boy!  And now, the best part, pictures.

1 month old...after his bath

1 month

If you looked up "not ready for a picture" in the dictionary, this is what'd you get...

Shiloh has to be in on the action

Decker, Meme and Memaw

Getting some words of wisdom from Memaw

Shiloh is so funny...she will roll her ball to Decker and wait for him to throw it for her.

His first walk at Alki Beach

First Superbowl Sunday!

Grammy's solution for getting rid of his cradle cap

Bathtime with Grammy


Decker and Grammy

His first Valentine's Day!  Thanks to Grammy for the outfit.

No sweeter Valentine than this one!