Decker Meets Some Great Friends

This past weekend we were so lucky because we got to catch up with some good friends!  The Woods (Kasey and Kelly) flew into Portland from Texas to do some snowboarding with James and Jackie.  On Saturday, all 4 of them drove up to see us and meet little Decker.  Scott, Kasey, and James were in the Navy together and have stayed in touch over the years.  We had so much fun catching up.  We went out to a local sushi restaurant and Decker did great!  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the group of us.  :-(

I got Decker dressed in some of the UGA gear his Memaw sent him.  The photo shoot didn't start of so well.  I really wanted him to wear the hat, but it was just too small!

Thankfully, once I took the hat off, he was much happier.