Such A Joy

Decker turns 12 weeks tomorrow!  I think we're starting to get to the point where his age is measured in months and not weeks, which means he's growing up way too fast.  Although he was never really that fussy, the little bit of fussiness he had is now over and he is becoming such an easy baby to care for.  He's happy virtually all of the time and loves to sit in his chair and watch me and Scott.  Last week Scott was shaving and Decker just sat there watching him, mesmerized.  He will also "talk" to us, making lots of noises if we say "Hello, Decker" and "Talk to me."  (We'll try to get it on video soon!) For a little over a week now we have been working on transitioning him to sleep in his crib instead of his little bassinet.  It was tough at first because his bassinet is small and makes him feel secure and he also sleeps on an incline in it.  However, he's now doing great in the crib.  We will usually lay him down around 9PM and he may wake up once or twice before 10PM, but if we rock him, he goes back to sleep quickly.  Then he usually sleeps until 7AM, then will go down again until 10AM or so!  He loves to sleep, which I love also.  :-)  He hasn't been so fond of his swing lately, which is kind of sad because he used to love it.  Lately when we put him in the swing, he will fuss and "squak."  Therefore, we've been having him nap in his crib, which he is doing well with.

My 30th birthday was Friday.  Scott and I celebrated on Saturday by going out to dinner at Barrio while Uncle Jason and Uncle Nathan baby-sat for the first time.  It went well and I think Jason even said something to the effect of it being "easy!"  We started taking some video, which I will try to get up here soon.

A while back we got some snow and I tried to get some pictures, since it was Decker's first time seeing snow!

Both of us in our UW gear!  Since his carseat is so heavy, it's easier to wear him places.  He seems to like it too.