Officially In The Crib

Decker is 14 weeks today.  We have officially transitioned him into his crib (yea!)  I've really been obsessed lately with his sleep schedule.  I guess it's the newest thing I can obsess over.  As Scott says, I have an OCD-type personality.  I've been reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and have been trying to follow it pretty religiously.  Essentially, the author talks about how important sleep is to babies and kids, and that usually the main cause of sleep problems is that the child is not getting enough sleep.  Therefore, I've really been trying to get Decker on a good nap schedule and ensuring that he is getting the required amount of sleep.  My latest tool in this endeavor is the bar-graph style sleep chart I have created.  It's color coded and allows me to analyze his sleeping patterns each day.  Scott thinks I'm crazy.  :-)

The fabulous sleep chart!

Last weekend we traveled to Moses Lake to visit my family.  Decker had fun visiting everyone and also watching his cousin Tressa play in her first varsity softball game.  She made Varsity as a freshman!  March Madness also kicked off last week and it was a pretty monumental day, as Georgia and UW got paired to play against each other.  Even though Scott is a Georgia fan first, he's always rooted for UW, so he wasn't too upset when UW won a close game.  Of course, we had to get Decker dressed appropriately for the game, in both UW and Georgia gear.

Ready for the big game!

Decker at 14 Weeks:

  • He's really discovered his hands now.  He is always holding them together and sucking on them.
  • So far, he's rolled from his tummy to his back, but only a few times.
  • He's now figured out how to "scream."  Before he starts to fuss, he will just lay there and sort of scream.  It's really funny.
  • When he's upstairs, he's really mesmerized by our big tv.  He'll sit with Scott or lay on the floor and stare at the tv.
  • He's now starting to notice Shiloh more and loves to sit and watch her play fetch.
  • He's started reaching for things and grasping onto the hanging toys in his activity center.
  • A few times, he's managed to wiggle his arms out of his swaddle.
  • As far as we can tell, he weighs somewhere around 14 pounds now.

A few recent pictures.

I just love his cute lips!

Scott doing the bicycle legs to get Decker's gas out.  LOL.

Watching TV with Dad