Adventures In Sleeping

I think we have officially hit the 4-month sleep regression.  Our good little sleeper, who used to sleep from 9PM until 7AM, is too busy learning new things and doesn't want to sleep!  For the past week, he's been waking up at night, and last night woke at 11:15, 3AM, 6:20AM, and then I finally got him up at 7:40.  Each time I went in to get him, he had managed to rotate himself 90 degrees in the crib, and had his arms out of his swaddle.  His 3AM feeding was the worst.  That little twerp did not want to go back to sleep and just laid in my arms, smiling at me and cooing.  Even in my foggy, sleep-deprived state, he managed to make me smile.  :-) Scott and I made an executive decision on Friday night.  Since we moved Decker to his crib, we've had trouble with him frequently waking up within the first couple hours we put him down.  He would wake up after about 20 minutes, and settle down once we went in and picked him up.  We knew he wasn't hungry and didn't want anything, except for us to rock him.  So, on Friday night, we decided to start letting him "cry it out."  Based on his behavior and wakings, I am confident that he is ready for this and it's time for him learn to soothe himself to sleep.  Friday night, he had already woken up a few times and we had put him back to sleep.  He was pretty tired by the time we decided to start letting him cry, so he only cried for 10 minutes and put himself to sleep for the first time!  Saturday night didn't go so well...he cried for an excruciating HOUR.  It was really hard on Scott and me.  Finally, I went in and rocked him and he stayed asleep.  But last night, he only cried for 28 minutes before going to sleep, so it appears to be working.  I just hope his sleep regression doesn't last too long...I read it can linger for a couple months.

He is getting better and better at rolling over from his stomach to his back.  He doesn't do it all the time yet, but is starting to do it more often.  I finally caught it on video!