Our Favorite Baby Stuff So Far...

  1. The Miracle Blanket.  We learned quickly that Decker could not sleep without being swaddled, as he would flail his arms and wake himself up.  We tried some of those fleece velcro swaddles, but he always ended up feeling really hot and sweaty when he would wake up.  The Miracle Blanket is awesome because it is made of thin material and it really keeps him wrapped up tightly.  Of course, lately, he has been able to wiggle his arms out of it a few times, but we can't keep this kid in a strait jacket forever!  One thing I learned though is to let the blanket air dry.  We put our first one in the dryer and it did shrink quite a bit.
  2. Babypro Nursery Bottle Warmer. Once we decided to bottle-feed, I realized how inconvenient it was to wake up in the middle of the night, walk downstairs and try to make a fresh bottle because I didn't want to have to wait for a refrigerated bottle to warm up (all the while with a screaming baby!)  This little thing came in so handy!  It comes with a little cooler that keeps 2 bottles chilled for up to 8 hours and it heats up bottles in no time.  We keep this in the nursery and by the time I'm done changing Decker's diaper, the bottle is ready to go.
  3. Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper. I had heard great reviews about this and how it helped many babies sleep for extended periods.  I ran to Babies R Us right away and purchased it.  Decker started sleeping in his own room in this around 4 weeks and I have to say, whoever invented it is genius!  It keeps the baby sleeping on an incline, which is great for digestion and I also think it creates that sort of cozy feeling because it is so enclosed.  Also, it is nice because it rocks so sometimes at night, if he woke up, I could just gently rock it and he'd drift back to sleep.
  4. Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing. There have been many, many naps taken in this wonderful little thing.  I especially like this swing because you can rotate it three ways and the baby can swing either side-to-side, or front-to-back.  Decker would lay in it and just stare at the lights and mobile overhead.  It also plays music and sounds, and plugs into the wall, which has saved God knows how many batteries.  Sadly, whenever we put him in this lately, he starts screaming.
  5. Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer. This is something that Decker has become more fond of in the last month or so.  The chair vibrates and the little toy attachment plays music, has lights, and little moving characters.  Decker finds it very entertaining and when we are eating dinner, Decker will sit in this chair and just watch us.
  6. Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Lights & Music. Starting at about 6 weeks, Decker could entertain himself in this.  He loves the mirror and trying to grasp the hanging toys.
  7. Dr. Brown's Bottles. We didn't try many bottles, so I can't say these are the best, but they have worked great for us.  Early on, Decker had some problems with gas and these bottles seem to help a lot.
  8. Similac Sensitive Formula. We started Decker on formula around 3 weeks.  We had some samples of Enfamil Newborn, so gave him that, but it seemed to make him spit-up a lot.  We switched to Enfamil Gentlease, which claims to help fussiness and gas, but it only seemed to make his gas worse!  Finally, we switched him to this formula and he has done great on it!  Plus, it's sold at Costco, so we're able to save a few dollars that way.
  9. Nosefrida The Snot Sucker. Seriously, this thing works so good and as gross as it may sound, it is really satisfying to see huge blobs of snot come out of Decker's nose.  LOL.  I think it works way better than a bulb syringe to keep his nose clean.