And We're Back On Track!

I guess I freaked out too soon regarding Decker's sleep pattern.  Last Tuesday he went back to sleeping all night, which was greatly appreciated by his parents.  :-)  He's getting better at learning how to soothe himself to sleep.  His crying has been minimal.  Tonight I attempted to put him in his crib awake (usually I rock him all the way to sleep, then lay him down.)  He's currently crying a little bit, off and on.  I hope it stops soon!  We also stopped swaddling him at night and he's now sleeping in the Magic Sleepsuit.  It's worked well to help him transition from the swaddle, but he looks hilarious in it.  It basically looks like a martian-type puffy spacesuit.  I'll have to get a pic of him in it soon.  Some other little tidbits from last week:

  1. Decker took his first trip to Costco!  I wore him in my new Angelpack.  I have to admit, this poor little boy is sheltered because I guess I'm a little bit apprehensive about taking him out still.  But he did great!  Just sat in the carrier and enjoyed seeing and hearing all the new sights and sounds.  It's a great feeling that we can take him out in public now and not fear him having a crying meltdown.  It's also really convenient being able to wear him because his car seat is sooo heavy.  There's no way I can carry that thing more than a few steps without having to take a break.
  2. We're currently battling some eczema on his face.  I picked up some new cream at the store today and it seems to be helping.  Poor guy...I think it itches because he is always rubbing his face.
  3. He's really been trying to rollover from his back to his stomach.
  4. Scott had his best selling month at work EVER!  We're so proud of him!  AND looking forward to his nice commission check.  ;-)
  5. My hair has been falling out left and right everywhere.  I'm seriously wondering if I will have any hair left...  It's especially fallen out a lot at my hairline.  I joked with Scott that our hairlines now look similar.
  6. After living in our house a year, we're finally getting sick of the bare walls and are starting to get things hung up and decorated a bit.  Exciting!