Long Overdue Update

Decided to take a few minutes to update the blog before I forget everything!  Decker will be 5 months at the end of this week.  Can't believe how fast he is growing!!  At his 4-month checkup, he weighed 15 pounds, 13 oz (70th percentile) and was 26 inches (85 percentile.)  His head circumference was 16.6 inches (45th percentile.)  We have a big boy!  I'm hopeful that he will continue with his height and be as tall as Scott when he grows up. Unfortunately, we were STILL dealing with eczema on his face and it had really started bothering him because he was itching his eyes all the time, which was irritating the eye skin and making them all red.  Our pediatrician recommended we try Neocate, which is an amino-based formula because she wanted to rule out a dairy allergy.  The thing about this Neocate stuff is that it is very expensive and has to be purchased through a pharmacist.  Not to mention, it tastes awful (well, based on Decker's reaction, it tastes awful.)  I smelled the stuff and can say it really does smell wicked.  The doctor gave us a couple free cans and luckily, I found someone on Craigslist who had ten extra cans and gave them to us for free!  We've finally been able to get Decker to drink the stuff without adding any sort of flavor and he's been on it for about 10 days.  His skin seems to be getting better, but I guess it takes 2-3 weeks for the eczema to clear up, if it's due to a food allergy.  The good news is that I think our insurance will cover this formula, so if we have to use it, it may end up being cheaper for us than buying his regular Similac.  :-)  Other Decker tidbits at 5 months:

  • His hand-eye coordination is really getting better and he loves grabbing for his toys now.
  • He attempts to put everything into his mouth.
  • He can now roll over from his back to his stomach, but hasn't yet figured out how to get both arms out from under him once he's rolled over.
  • He loves to watch Barney.
  • He's really interested in Shiloh now.  The other day we were playing fetch with her and it was making Decker giggle.
  • He recognizes his name.  Yesterday, we were at a restaurant and the waitress said his name and he totally turned and looked at her.
  • He's now old enough to realize when people are strangers.  When we first got to Moses Lake and my mom held him, he would have nothing to do with her!  He adjusted pretty quickly though.  He also really doesn't like loud noises.

Here he is, watching Barney

My first Mother's Day weekend was great!  I got to spend Friday evening catching up with my two best friends, Vanessa and Rachae.  Saturday night, we had dinner at Jason and Nathan's and got to catch up with my cousins, Chip and Paul.  And then Sunday I picked Applebee's for my Mother's Day dinner because I love the Triple Chocolate Meltdown dessert.  Scott also gave me a beautiful necklace.

Jason and Nathan's beautiful dining room

All ready for some fresh lobster spring rolls...yum!

Trying to be "artsy" with my camera.

My Mother's Day present...it's blue topaz, which is Decker's birthstone.

And Shiloh got a new haircut.  Isn't she pretty?