This Boy Loves To Eat

Once again, I have been doing a not-so-bang-up job on keeping up with this blog!  Let's see...I think I forgot to mention how much Decker loves food.  Well, he's always loved formula, but at 4 months, we started giving him solids.  Due to his voracious appetite, we figured he was ready.  It took him no time to figure out how to open his mouth once he saw that spoon!  He hasn't met a food yet that he doesn't like.  He's had sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans and bananas.  He is such a good little eater.  :-) He also figured out how to roll over all the way from his back to his stomach now.  He doesn't appear to have a dairy allergy, so we were able to get him off the yucky hypo-allergenic formula and have been able to keep his eczema at bay by moisturizing and using bleach baths.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, we've been enjoying taking walks.  He loves being outside and seeing the sights!