6 Months

This post is a little late since Decker turned 6 months on June 14, but oh well!  His 6-month checkup went great! He is 27 and 1/8 inches long (70%), 18 pounds, 3 oz. (60 %) and his head circumference is 17.2 inches (40%).  His latest happenings:

  • We weaned him off of his Magic Sleepsuit and he loves to sleep on his stomach now.  Every night, Scott and I have to go look at him sleeping to see what kind of funny position he put himself in.  Last night he was sleeping in a full fetal position on his side and it was so cute.
  • His doc was very impressed by how good he is at sitting up on his own.  He can sit for about a minute or so before he topples over.
  • Still loves to eat!  We're now feeding him 3 times a day and he loves everything, except he isn't a big fan of the meats, but he still manages to eat them.  He had some ice cream for the first time the other day and I think he liked it because once he swallowed one bite down, his mouth went right back to wide open waiting for more.
  • He's really starting to love his jumperoo and can get his legs going.
  • No teeth yet!
  • We've been working with him to hold his own bottle and yesterday, he held onto it and fed it to himself for a few seconds!
  • He is a VERY happy boy.  Always smiling and loves to laugh.  He especially loves to hear us sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and he also finds it entertaining to watch us do jumping jacks. LOL.
  • He's started getting into a more regular nap routine, which is great.  He usually sleeps from about 6:30PM - 7ish AM.  Then takes naps at 9am, 1pm, and sometimes a cat nap around 5ish.
  • I took him to a dermatologist last week and we got some prescription cream for his eczema and it has cleared it right up.  He's back to his beautiful skin!
  • He is grabby, grabby, grabby!!  He wants to touch, feel and grab anything he can get his hands on.  One of his favorite items seems to be my hair, so I am very careful these days about letting his fingers get too close to it.

The week after next, he will be starting daycare 2 days a week.  I think it will be really good for him to start getting socialized and get used to other people.  I think Scott is having more anxiety about him starting daycare than I am!  I'm sure that will change when the first day of daycare comes.  We are really enjoying our time with him and are so happy that summer is here!  Happy 4th of July!