7 Months

Ah, time is flying by!  Decker is now about 7 1/2 months!  So, what is the latest in his world?  Well, he still isn't crawling, but can roll across the floor in no time.  He has started sleeping with a blanky...a purple, silk UW blanky, that is!  He loves to hold onto it and cuddle with it.  He's starting to get really good at entertaining himself.  We can put him in his exersaucer or jumperoo and he will sit in there for 45 minutes up to an hour sometimes.  He also loves making noise now and the best part is when he screams/shrieks out of nowhere.  I still don't think he has any teeth yet and he's still as happy as ever and loves to eat as much as he can! He started daycare two days per week a few weeks ago.  He's been doing great.  The only thing is that it's been hit or miss with his napping.  I think it's definitely an adjustment for him to get used to sleeping in a bright room with noises of other babies around.  But today he did wonderful and took a nap all by himself!  We are loving our daycare so far.  When I got there to pick Decker up today, he was asleep in his teacher's arms, while she was rocking him.  We know he gets lots of love and attention and he absolutely adores his main teacher.  He gives her smiles whenever he sees her!

Scott is starting a new job on Monday and we're very excited about this new opportunity!  He will be working in downtown Seattle so we'll be able to save some gas money with him taking the bus.  I'm behind on posting pictures, but will try to get some up soon!