9 Months and CRAWLING

Decker turned 9 months a couple of days ago and he is really starting to make strides in almost every way imaginable.  Here's the 9-month recap. 1. Looks like teething is over for awhile.  He has two bottom teeth and they are adorable.

2. After many frustrating moments of attempting to crawl and only pushing himself backwards, a couple of weeks ago, he finally figured out how to move his body forward.  His current crawl is an army crawl, but everyday, he seems to be getting faster and faster.  His latest trick is to sneak up behind Shiloh when she is not watching and pull her tail.  Shiloh has now learned to check her back and Decker's location before she decides to relax on the floor.

3. He's really improving in feeding himself.  We have given him cheerios and little cheese puffs.  It's a great way to get him to entertain himself.  Shiloh also enjoys it because she positions herself right below the high chair to catch his many fallen leftovers.  He now holds his own bottle, but only after we make him.  We're working on the sippy cup, but he can't figure out yet that he needs to really tilt his head back when drinking.

4. He now says "dada" and "mama," although at very random times.  I don't think he is yet equating the words with anyone in particular, but it's so cute to hear him say!

5. He loves to laugh!

I have lots of pictures and some video to get up, which I will get to soon.