Decker at 10 months

I took Decker in for his 10-month checkup last week.  His stats: 29.5 inches long (70%), 20 lbs. 9.5 oz (40%), and his head circumference is 17.9" (40%).  We were pretty shocked that he only weighs close to 21 pounds because he feels heavy, but I guess maybe that is because he is long.  His doctor told us it was fine to start him on whole milk, which is so exciting!  No more having to buy and mix formula.  :-)  He was such a good boy, too.  He got his flu shot and had his blood drawn from his finger and he didn't even whimper.  Here is his 10-month summary! 1. He is now a GREAT crawler, crawling on all fours with his belly off the ground.  He is fast too.  It is getting exhausting keeping up with him, since he loves to play with and get into everything he is not supposed to.  We got his playpen set up in the family room just yesterday (I have no idea why we waited so long!)  It was a relief to be able to put him in there with some toys and not have to follow him constantly.

2. We can already tell he has a great arm.  He plays fetch with himself by throwing Shiloh's balls on the hardwood, then crawling to grab it, and then throwing it again.  I'll have to get it on video soon because it is so cute.

3. He's very good at walking while holding onto furniture and has already tried crawling up the stairs.  He is constantly saying "dada."  Mama...not so much, even though I am always trying to coax him to say it.

4. I think separation anxiety is starting to hit its peak.  He does not like it when I walk away from him or lay him down to sleep.  However, he is doing fine when I drop him off at daycare.

5. His two top middle teeth have just broken through.

6. Overall, he is just VERY interested in everything that is going on about him.  We love watching him discover the world.

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