On your first birthday...

Dearest Decker, We can't believe it's been one year since you came into our lives!  Although our first year as parents has brought its ups and downs, overall, I have to say we have had a pretty easy go of it.  Thank you for being such a calm and happy baby.  You seriously have to be in the top 99% of best behaved infants ever!  It has been amazing to watch you grow and learn about the world around you, especially lately, as you have begun to show more of your personality and communicate with us.  We can already tell that you share our goofy sense of humor and you already have the ability to make us laugh every single day.  We are thankful for the lessons you have taught us in patience, love, and how to be a family.  We are so proud of you already...we can't even begin to imagine what else you will accomplish in the coming years.

We love you always!


Mom and Dad