Decker at 12 months

Wow, Decker is really 12 months!  The older he gets, the more he seems to learn and change almost everyday.  Here is Decker's 12 month report:

  • As mentioned, he took his first steps on Thanksgiving.  But after that, he had no interest in standing or walking...until last weekend.  On the 10th, all of a sudden he decided to start walking again and walked between Scott and me a ton of times.  It was so cute because once he got to one of us, he always had to stop to give us a big hug.
  • He started clapping his hands a few weeks ago.
  • He has become very lovey and cuddly!  When we are sitting on the ground or in a chair, he loves to come over to us and put his head in our lap and have us scratch his back.
  • He is saying "dada" and "mama" all the time.
  • He loves stacking things and taking stuff out of bins and putting it back in.
  • He loves using his pointer finger to touch things and examine them.
  • He still loves most all food, but some of his favorites lately are ravioli, pancakes and yogurt.
  • He is really good with his walker now and loves to whip it around and steer it, as well as run into stuff recklessly.

His walking is getting better and better each day.  I notice that he is getting more confident and will take more steps on his own.  He is seriously so funny and we find ourselves laughing at him so much.  I have lots of pictures to get up, but here is a video of him at 11.5 months walking with his walker (which he still loves), playing and babbling (you can hear him make his favorite motorboat sounds.)