The all-natural (baby??) treat

Every morning after Shiloh goes "good potty," I give her a couple of these little liver treats.  This morning, without even thinking, I threw them on the floor for her, right near where Decker was sitting.  I went ahead and made my coffee and got his bottle ready, then ran to grab something really quick (was gone for maybe 5 seconds.)  I get back and notice he's kind of chomping a bit, but don't hear any noises.  After a couple minutes, I realized he must have gotten a piece of one of Shiloh's treats!  Without thinking, I stick my finger in his mouth to try to fish out the remaining treat, which is in there, but then he decides to chomp down on my finger and would not let go.  Let me tell you, his teeth are SHARP!!  Nothing like the smell of liver on your baby's breath to wake you up in the morning.

I guess this is to be expected.  Apparently, my brothers fed me dog food when I was young, so I guess this should just be seen as a rite of passage in our family.