Decker at 13 months (a bit late)

Even though he is closer to 14 months than 13 months at this point, I decided to go ahead and do an update.  Since he has recovered from his cold and ear infection, Decker has been back to being the happiest guy ever!  He definitely keeps us on our toes because he is always getting into things, but he is so entertaining.  Here is what he's up to now:

  • Recently, he has started getting really into books.  He was never really that interested before.  Anytime we would try to read to him, he would just want to play with the books.  But now he brings books over to us to read to him quite often.  His favorite one lately is "Big Dog, Little Dog" by Dr. Seuss.
  • He really hasn't said any words yet, except for Mama and Dada.  But he can definitely understand us!  When we tell him it's time for nite-nite, he runs to his room and starts banging on the door.  And when we ask him if he wants a snack, he will run over to the gate to try to get down to the kitchen.  He also understands when I tell him to go get Shiloh because he will run to the gate to try to let her in.
  • He loves spinning in circles or circling around things and laughing at himself.
  • He really is getting good at throwing the ball.  When he's in his playpen, Scott will bounce one his bouncy balls into the playpen, causing him to giggle, then he will throw it back out.  He also loves throwing Shiloh's ball for her to fetch and kicking things around.
  • Another thing that makes him laugh is to dump out all of his big lego blocks and crawl  and/or walk through them.  He's also getting quite good with his legos and enjoys building things.
  • Unfortunately, he is also hearing the word "no" a lot these days.  But it's good because he is learning what it means.  For instance, when he takes his toys and starts banging them on the wall, we yell "no" a couple of times.  If he keeps on doing it, then I have to get up acting like I am coming over there to take it away, and then he usually will throw the toy down and then start fussing.  LOL.

As for us, we are still somewhat settling into our new schedule.  However, Decker absolutely LOVES his new daycare and his primary teacher, Mrs. Shannon.  It only took a few days for him to quit crying at drop off.  We are so thankful that we found such a fabulous daycare and that he loves his teacher so much.  Everyday his teacher fills out a paper listing what he ate that day, when his diaper was changed, his nap and a little write-up of what he did that day.  He has been napping great...for about 2 hours a day and some of his favorite meals at daycare have been tuna casserole and stir fry.  Here's one of his write-ups from last week:

Decker had a great day.  He enjoyed exploring bead necklaces.  He put them on me and himself, and he was hiding them in the sink (his favorite place to hide stuff.)  He also enjoyed smearing glue on his kitty for art and then sticking yarn on it.  It was funny watching him shake his hand to get the yarn off.  :-)  Have a great evening!  -Mrs. Shannon

And just a few pictures.

At the park on New Year's Day