Easter 2012

We had a very laidback, but fun Easter.  On Friday afternoon, Decker had an Easter egg hunt at his daycare.  They had made and decorated their own Easter baskets out of milk cartons.  All of the kids looked for eggs for about 2 minutes and then decided it was more fun to play with all the outdoor toys.  After the egg hunt, we headed over to Moses Lake to stay at my parents' for the weekend.  Decker was in no mood to nap OR ride in the car.  I ended up sitting in the back with him, playing Clifford videos on the iphone to keep him occupied.  He was much better on the way back because he slept the entire way.  Here are a few pictures from his school egg hunt.  (Just ignore the snot coming out of his nose...he has had a runny nose for about 2 weeks now!)