16 months

I have been meaning to do an update like this for a while (before I forget everything!)  Decker is growing and changing so much everyday.  He is REALLY developing a personality.  He will be 16 months in 3 days.  Here are his latest happenings:

  • He is jabbering much more and his little voice is so cute to hear!  Scott likes to talk to him in his "baby" language.  (I have to get it on video.)
  • He is still saying more and more words.  He knows how to say Ashley and Scott.  When you ask him if he wants to take a bath, he yells "Baaa!!" and then runs to the bathroom.
  • He loves the song "My Little Bumblebee" and will start bouncing up and down dancing when I sing it to him.
  • He seems to have really good coordination.  He is already able to hit his soft baseball off the tee and he is awesome at throwing the ball to Shiloh overhand.
  • He loves taking his shoes and socks off.  In fact, when I put him in his carseat in the mornings, by the time we get to daycare, he usually has taken off both his socks and shoes.  He also loves trying to put them on his own feet (and our feet too sometimes.)
  • He no longer loves going to bed.  :-(  When I put him in his crib, he just stands there with his arms up, like he's begging to be let out of prison.
  • He is obsessed with climbing up onto the couch.  He will try and try to get up there and gets angry when he can't get himself up all the way.  We have to watch him very closely now because when he does get up on the couch or chairs, he thinks it's acceptable to slide off of them face first.
  • When you ask him where his tummy is, he can now point to it.
  • He is now definitely testing our limits.  We often tell him no, but then sometimes have to give him a little slap on the hand for him to understand.  It is difficult at times because he will do something like throw Shiloh's ball, which is okay, but then throw a book or something else, which is not okay.  Tonight he was pulling my hair, but to him, he was just playing with it.  We find ourselves telling him "no" a lot these days.
  • He  still has to be the sweetest boy ever.  :-)  He LOVES giving hugs over and over again.  It's the best part of my day.

He had a checkup one week ago.  He was 32" tall (70%), 24 lbs. 5.5 oz (40%) and his head circumference is 18.6" (40%).

And here is a report from his teacher from yesterday:

Decker had a great day.  He enjoyed looking at the color board and having me tell him all the colors.  He also worked on putting his shoe back on after he took it off.  :-)  For art today we put stickers on paper, once Decker got all the stickers on his paper, he pulled them off and put everything in the garbage can...he's been really into throwing things away.

Okay, I think that about sums up what Decker's been up to.  He is just growing and becoming such a little person so fast.  I don't want to forget any of these amazing moments.

Here he is so proud of himself for getting his shoes off.

Giving Dad kisses...so sweet!