A proper Mother's Day post

Gosh, I realized my past few posts involve a lot of complaining and make it sound like I can't stand being a mom!  I figured I better make a post about Mother's Day so I can get something more positive on here.  We spent Mother's Day in Moses Lake with my family.  Decker was pretty fussy all weekend, but looking back, we think there is a good chance his wrist was hurting him already.  :-(  Anyways, on actual Mother's Day, we went to brunch with my family, which was great.  After getting back home, Scott treated me to a nice foot rub, some cherry cheesecake and wine.  It was a wonderful end to a fun weekend. A few pictures.

Yeah, so this was very typical of Decker all weekend.

Mom, Dad and me (minus screaming toddler, who was pulling at my hand)

The following would probably show up when you look up "don't take pictures in the bright sun" in the dictionary.

All the men (and boys.)  I just love Reece's face here.  Everybody was saying "try not to squint, Reece."

Mom, Jason and Traye