A pirate, biker, and basketball player all in one day

Finally got his 4-wheeler from Aunt Lori, Uncle Traye and the cousins put together.  He enjoyed it, even though you cannot tell from this photo!

Arrrghhh, Matey!

Yep, he's a natural...as long as he doesn't get his height from me.

Decker's latest happenings:

  • He's figured out what "mine" means.  Whenever he is in the tub and you pick up a toy, he will grab it and say "mine."
  • We've been working with him to say please when he wants something, so he says "peazzze."
  • He's turning into a picky eater!  His meals mostly consist of: ravioli, cheese, goldfish, pears, nilla wafers, and bananas.
  • He's awesome at pointing to his tummy, feet, nose, ears and hair on command.
  • He loves grabbing the phone and jabbering away.