Bingo art

Decker's teacher has this online messageboard set up where she posts to keep us updated on what he does at school.  Here is her post from last week.  I love reading these!

Today for art we used bingo dobbers to create cow spots on our paper, very colorful cow spots that is.  Decker saw me getting out the bingo dobbers and ran straight to the table and sat down.  After I wrote his name on his paper and taped it down I put the container in front of him and he picked out the bingo dobber that he wanted to use.  At first he grabbed four different bingo dobbers and I told him he could use all those colors but only one at a time so he put all of them back except the green one.  He did make spots on his paper but they were all in the exact same spot and I told him you can make them all over your paper but he was happy to just make them in the bottom corner of the paper.  I offered him a different colored bingo dobber since he had originally wanted to use more than one but he said no and was happy with just the green one.