More updates from school

Past 2 school updates.  This one is from May 15 (this was when his wrist was hurt.)

Today we brought the balance beam into our classroom so that we could take our shoes off and walk on it.  We wanted to see what the texture felt like on our feet and hands.  Decker was more than happy to let me take his shoes off but he wouldn't let me take his socks off so I told him that was ok he could always feel the texture with his hands.  He did spend a little time trying to walk on the smaller end of the balance beam but he likes to do it with just one foot, so he puts a foot on the beam then takes a step with his other foot on the floor and then moves his beam foot forward the next step.  After walking like that for a little bit he decided he needed a break so he sat down on the beam for a little bit then decided to try scooting along the beam.

And here is the update from June 5.

Last week Decker decided to get out the snake stuffed animal and walk around the classroom with it hanging around his neck.  He kept lifting the head up or the tail and smiling at it while he walked around.  When i asked him if he was a snake tamer he just looked at me funny then took the snake off his neck and kissed it (even though it looks like he's bitting it) the he put it back around his neck and ran off.  I don't know what it is about that snake stuffed animal but he has been getting it out every day since that day and walking around the room with it hanging around his neck while he plays with other toys.