18 months old and a little comedian

Decker is now 18 and a half months old and turning into such a funny little boy.  His vocabulary is improving all the time and his little jabbering is adorable.  He refers to his sippy cup as a "bah-boo."  (This must come from when we used to call his bottle a ba-ba.)  He calls cars "go-go's".  As you could see in this post when he wants something and you ask him, "what do you say" he says please, but lately it comes out sounding more like "baze."  We can also see his little imagination developing.  He loves to drive his cars around and will say "weeeee."  And when he pushes his train, he makes this choo-choo sound. It is amazing how much he loves to imitate us.  Recently, he grabbed one of my purses, put it around his neck and walked towards the door and said "bye" to us.  LOL.  I guess he notices that when I put my purse on, I leave the house.  He also got a hold of some of my chap sticks and was putting each one in his mouth briefly and I realized he was acting like he was applying it to his lips.

I would say his favorite toy right now is balls.  He loves kicking them, throwing them, or bouncing them.  When Scott goes down to the park in our neighborhood to shoot hoops, Decker loves to go along and makes Scott hold him up near the hoop and then Decker attempts to shoot the ball.  Oh, and he gives great kisses now.  No more open-mouthed smooches...he's figured out that he needs to keep his mouth open when he kisses.  :-)

Here is a photodump of recent phone photos.

Facetime with Grammy and Grandad

Yep, he still loves his baths

Our personal photoshoot

Pretty Shiloh after getting groomed

More bathtime.  He is obsessed with eating the bubbles.

First ferry ride to Whidbey Island for Jason and Nathan's wedding

The morning he woke up with a fever.  He was so cozy in his bed.

He had to get blood drawn at the doctor's office.  Look at those cute little toes.

The other morning I found him like this in his crib.

So stylish!