Ladies' man already?

Decker's report from school today:

Decker had a good day.  His poor little nose is starting to get red from being wiped so much.  Our new friend, Madeline, came to visit us for a little while today and Decker kept bringing her toys.  When she started to play with the bead maze, he sat down and played with her and was just talking up a storm to her.

Sounds like he is already turning into a ladies' man.  Nothing says "toddler romance" more than babbling over a bead maze.  :-)  And yes, as you can tell from the note, he has another cold.  He was almost over a cough (which he gave to me, of course) and it has now reappeared with a runny nose.  But it hasn't seemed to bother his mood too much, thankfully.

And another update from school:

Yesterday I brought in some hats for the kids to play dress up with and Decker loved the Frankenstein hat.  I had set out all of the different hats and he picked the Frankenstein one first, he did look at a couple of the other hats but he decided to just keep the Frankenstein hat on.  He kept sticking his hand up to the black hair and touching it and just laughing, I said that's hair and he said "hair" and just giggled.  He walked away to go play in a couple other areas but he kept the hat and finally when it was time to get ready for lunch I said can I put the hat away and he smiled big and pulled it off but wouldn't hand it to me he ran over to the closet door and when I opened the door he ran in the closet and put the hat on the shelf.  He has really started to be such a big helper when it comes to putting the toys away or even when I am cleaning the table he wants a washcloth so he can  help me wipe up the mess.

Such a funny boy!