Our compassionate little boy

We are so proud of Decker, after learning today that he is really starting to make friends and learn how to recognize when others are sad.  Apparently, he really DOES like this little Madeline.  His update from school:

Decker really does like our new friend Madeline.  At first he would bring her toys at the table and then sit across from her to watch her play or even try and play a little with her.  Now he will search her out in the room and then he will go to the area she is in and bring her a bunch of toys.  Today Madeline was sitting in the comfy blue chair in book area a little sad so Decker ran over and started to grab all the books off the bookcase and sit them in Madeline's lap, Madeline looked up at him and smiled so he went off to grab her some of the sensory bottles because he already knows that those make her happy.  It's pretty cute to watch them together but it also shows me that Decker has an understanding of when a friend is sad and also he has figured out what to do to make them happy again and really seems to care about his friends feelings.

Does it get any cuter than this?!  It's also good to know that even though we let him "cry it out" we comfort him enough that he understands how to come to someone's aid when they are sad.