20 months

I realize it's been a couple of months since I've done a Decker update, so here it is!  He turned 20 months old on August 14th and he is just growing, growing, growing in every way possible.  At his 19 month checkup, he was 33 1/4" long (60%), 26 pounds (45%) and his head was 18 3/4" (45%).  Here is a rundown of Decker at 20 months:

  • He just talks and talks and talks.  Each day it becomes a bit more understandable.  He can now name a ton of body parts.  Other words he uses frequently are: ball, she-she (shoes), go-go (cars), bus, mo (more - while still using his sign language) and I know there are ton more I am missing.  Lately he loves to say "uh-oh" even when he intentionally drops things and he loves to say "buh-bye" any time something is coming to an end.  For instance, when we turn off the music, he says "buh-bye."
  • He likes to point at things and say "this?" asking what things are.
  • His very first sentence was "There I is."  This stems from months and months of us playing peek a boo and asking "Where's Decker?" and then saying "There he is!" when he would show his face.  He now loves to say "there it is" or "there I is" whenever we are looking for anything.
  • For the last couple of months he has been drinking out of a regular cup with no lid at daycare and he is pretty proficient with a fork now.
  • He LOVES cars.  This morning Scott was watching Sportscenter and they were showing a clip of Nascar and Decker started whining when the clip ended.
  • He is really awesome as hitting the baseball off the tee and kicking his bouncy ball.
  • He loves it when I sing Baby Bumblebee to him and he squishes his face right up against mine so we are cheek to cheek.
  • Of course he imitates almost everything he sees.  Last night he insisted on wearing the oven mitts and went over to the oven trying to open it.
  • He seems to have become a bit more of a picky eater.  His favorite food at the moment is cheese.  No matter what, we can always get him to eat cheese.
  • The boy is rambunctious and seems to have no fear.  He loves to dive off the couch face first and just laugh when he lands on the floor.

I'm so happy that his social skills are developing so well at school.  Here is what his teacher had to say on his daily report about a month ago:

During concourse time, Decker ran around while Sebastien chased him and every time Sebastian would catch him, he'd give Decker a big hug.  After they ran around for a little while, they sat down and passed the large ball back and forth.

Latest pics.

Using his fork

Mr. Mischevious

Right after we picked him up from a week at Grammy and Grandad's

His second haircut.  Last time Scott took him, he refused to get his hair cut so this time all three of us went and he did great!

Somehow managed to get a rug burn on his forehead at school.

Trying on my apron

Top Chef, here I come!

He still mostly uses his high chair, but we have started letting him sit at the table sometimes and he is so proud of it.

I feel like motherhood has turned a corner and he's now at the age where things are starting to get much easier.  We just can't get enough of him and he makes us laugh so much.