moving on up and potty training...already?

Even though D doesn't turn 2 for two and a half more months, his teachers decided to go ahead and move him up from the toddler classroom into the twos room.  Besides the fact that his teacher thought he was ready, the move was also done because he has been hitting classmates (and biting on one occasion.)  His teacher thought that he was mainly doing this out of frustration with having to deal with the younger babies who tend to cry a lot. I met with his new teacher, Ms. Courtney, and she discussed how things run in the new classroom.  Some of the new things D will have to adapt to is serving himself (dishing his own food and learning how to pour out of a pitcher), brushing his teeth at school (they do this after breakfast and naps), and potty training!  They have designated potty times in his class and his teachers always ask him if he needs to go on the potty and will give him the chance before changing his diaper.  Obviously, since they are working on potty training with him at school, we will have to begin at home.  I really hadn't even started thinking about it, but I'm really grateful that his daycare helps so much with it.

This week is his first week in his new class and he has done great.  The transition has been really smooth.  We are going to miss his amazing teacher from the toddler room, Mrs. Shannon.  On his last day in his old room, they had a little going away party for him.  I don't think it gets any cuter than a bunch of toddlers sitting around a table eating cupcakes!

Decker Goodbye Party-01blog Decker Goodbye Party-02blog Decker Goodbye Party-03blog Decker Goodbye Party-04blogWe'll miss you, Mrs. Shannon!