life, life, life

Here is a little wrap up of what we've been up to lately! Painting.  Our painters started last Monday, which means that our house has been in a bit of disarray.  We are having them paint all of the wood trim in the house white (whoo-hoo!).  Additionally, most of the downstairs walls and ceilings, the master and upstairs media room/mantuary walls and ceilings, and then the rest of the ceilings upstairs.  The trim is a BIG project and I cannot believe I ever considered doing it ourselves.  I don't think that would have turned out very well!  I can't believe what a big difference the white trim makes.  It brightens up the walls so much.

No back door

An example of the construction zone we're currently living in.  We had no back door for a few days.

More house stuff.  Now that we are finally getting everything painted, I have been busy furniture shopping and getting rid of old furniture.  Getting new furniture is exciting and fun, but it seems like there is so much to do when it comes to decorating and deciding what is going to go on the walls.  I am also in the process of having the closet installers come out to make D's closet and the one of the other closets upstairs more functional, as well as add storage shelving space in the garage.

Getting organized.  Speaking of organization, I have been attempting to somehow organize all of my photos and videos and actually DO something with them.  For the photos, this means printing and getting them into scrapbooks.  The videos have been a bit more challenging.  I didn't realize there were so many considerations in deciding how to get home videos onto a watchable format and also archive them.

D.  Ah, and what can I say about D?  He's just been busy being as adventurous as ever.  It seems like he is picking up a new word every day.  He was going through a phase for awhile where he seemed REALLY cranky, was throwing a lot of tantrums, and was waking up really early every morning.  We're now thinking that he just wasn't feeling that great because he's back to sleeping in a bit later (thank goodness) and being a bit happier, although the tantrums are unavoidable.  Lately, he loves helping out any way he can, whether it's just handing me the laundry to fold, or helping to feed Shiloh or even helping me prepare dinner.  He is also now officially in the twos classroom at school and had a great transition.


If something is within his reach, he WILL grab it.

Decker bothering Cali Decker and Dogs

We were dog sitting my brother's dogs this weekend.  Poor Cali and Gabi!  Decker just did not want to leave them alone.