my son loves the dentist...who knew

Yesterday morning I took D for his first visit to the dentist.  I have been dreading this ever since I first scheduled it.  From talking to the dental staff on the phone, I was going in not expecting much from the visit.  I figured this was more for D to get introduced to the idea of going to the dentist. Well, this kid totally amazed me.  He was a bit timid at first, but let the dentist look at his teeth with the little mirror.  And because he was being so good, the dentist recommended that the hygienist attempt to clean and floss his teeth.  When I heard this, I was pretty sure D wasn't going to cooperate, but he did!  He just laid there (partly in my lap) and let the hygienist floss and clean his teeth, even moving his tongue out of the way when she asked him to.  I still cannot believe it.  How does my 22 month old handle the dentist better than me?

Moments like these make me extremely proud and almost make up for the tantrums (almost.)

I brought along my big camera, but wasn't able to get it out since I had to help hold him.  So I snapped some shots with my phone instead.  He's just going to love these someday.

Decker flossing Decker flossing2 IMG_1690

Side note: I'm ready for the painters to be done with the house.  It's coming along, but my house was officially a disaster area for a couple days.

Painting Kitchen