d update

Oh my goodness.  Where has the time gone?  I'm majorly backlogged on pictures from the holidays, but I will slowly be getting those up in future posts.  But for now, I wanted to do a De update because it has been awhile. He had his 2-year-checkup on January 7.  His stats: 35" tall (55%); 29 pounds, 5 ounces (60%) and head circumference 19.5" (70%).  His doctor was really impressed with how well he was scribbling with the pen and how friendly he was.

Here is a rundown of what he's up to at 25 months.

  • He is talking SO MUCH!  Everyday there is a new word.  He speaks in sentences all the time and loves to say things like: "I eat it, I'm coming, I fall down."
  • His absolute favorite word is "no."  No matter what you ask him, his immediate response is "no," but then he will often change it to yes.
  • He's really into the movie Cars and Thomas the Train.
  • He's starting to memorize some of his books.  It's hilarious when he sits down to read his potty book because he knows from the pictures what the words should be.
  • He loves fake sneezing ("ah-ah-choo!") and then having you say "bless you, Decker" and vice versa.
  • He absolutely loves kicking balls.  He will have us hold his little football up and then he will get far away, bend down into a football stance, then run and kick the ball.  Yesterday, he was kicking the basketball all over the basketball court.
  • He has trouble pronouncing the sound "er."  For instance, when he says his own name, it comes our "deckay."
  • He can count to ten in English and Spanish.
  • He loves the iPhone and iPad (aka "ipan.")
  • If I pretend to be sleeping by closing my eyes, he will give me a kiss to wake me up.  :-)
  • Every so often at daycare, he will have a day where he wasn't using his listening ears and had to be told many times to use "soft hands" with his friends.  Yesterday his teacher was trying to make him lay down for nap and D kept refusing, but he kept telling her "I sorry."

20130107-2132-EE Lake City

Like I said, this boy loves his iPhone.