february 2013 / letters to my son

Here is the second installment of my Letters To My Son project, which I am undertaking along with a fabulous group of mother photographers.  Each month, we blog a letter to our sons or daughters (with pictures included, of course) and then link up in a blog circle.  February's edition, below.

Dearest D,

You are now 26 months old and I could never in a million years have imagined how much personality you would have at this age.  Lately, you have been amazing your dad and me with your love of reading and how fast you catch on.  Every night before bed, you insist on reading your two favorite books, which include Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery (a Christmas gift from your Meme) and Biscuit, a book about a puppy.  I read to you first and after I finish each page, I then say "turn" and you love to turn the pages for me.

Once I finish reading, then it's your turn.  Your Thomas book starts out by saying "It was a busy day at the Blue Mountain Quarry."  So, each page you read "bitty day" and then say "toon," instructing me to turn the page.

The biscuit book says "Time for bed, Biscuit!  Woof, woof...biscuit wants a snack!"  So, your version of this is "Snack...biket...woof, woof.  Toon."  By looking at the pictures on each page, you are able to read what Biscuit is doing and you really love the fact that for once, you tell me to do something and I do it by turning the page.  :-)

I'm so happy that you love reading and I really treasure the time we spend together before bed because it is a few moments out of our busy day free from distractions of television, cell phones and the internet.  I'm sure this is just the beginning of a lifetime of you amazing your dad and me with your smarts.

Love you always,






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