april 2013 / letters to my son

Here is this month's installment of my Letters To My Son project, which I am undertaking along with a fabulous group of mother photographers.  Each month, we blog a letter to our sons or daughters (with pictures included, of course) and then link up in a blog circle.  Life got in the way last month, but I'm glad to be back this month.

Dearest D,

A couple of weeks ago, you took your first plane trip and flew across the country to Georgia to visit Dad's family.  Your father and I were stressed out over how you would handle traveling, but like always, you exceeded our expectations and did awesome.

Besides visiting family, the other highlight of our trip was taking you to the Georgia Aquarium.  I knew you would absolutely love this aquarium because almost every morning on your way into school, you have to stop at the fish tank and watch the fish swim around.

We had so much fun watching you explore the aquarium.  You were SO EXCITED and just wandered around so curious about everything.  At one point, Dad picked you up and he could feel your heart beating a million beats per minute.

I do not think there is anything in life right now that brings me more joy than sharing new experiences with you and getting to experience things through your two-year-old eyes.  Your curiosity about the world around you seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  I wish I could bottle up these moments and relive them forever.

Love you always,









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