d's first mariners game

This past weekend, we took D to his very first Mariners game.  He was so excited and kept talking about it all day long.  We weren't sure how well he would do with having to sit still, but he did great and absolutely loved cheering and clapping when everyone else did and he especially enjoyed participating in the wave.  We tried to get him to partake in the best part of coming to the ballpark...the food, but he was reluctant to eat anything except the kettle corn.  This was after offering him a hot dog, lemonade, and pretzel with cheese, so Scott and I ended up eating way too much junk.  We stayed until the 8th inning, when he started asking to go home.  The Mariners lost, but oh well, we had a great time! Oh, and a bonus to the weekend...we finally got D to pee in his potty!  (The things that get me excited these days...)