cousin love

We have been so lucky in the past couple of weeks because my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces have come and stayed with us a couple of times, which means D has gotten lots of time with his cousins!  This past trip, my niece Reegan was gracious enough to spend a ton of time with D, and D was in heaven, just following her around all day long. 2013-09-04_0002

2013-09-04_0003 2013-09-04_0004



At the end of the weekend, he went back home with them to spend a night at their place before staying with his Grammy and Grandad.  It's so weird...whenever D is gone for a few days, Scott and I think how nice it will be to have a little break and some peace and quiet for a few days.  But then we always end up missing him!  In fact, Scott went and picked him up today, a day early.  So, even though our quiet time is over, our home feels complete once again.