adventures in potty training

2013-11-16_0001 D has been wearing pull-ups and sitting on the potty at school for months now, but we weren't getting anywhere with his potty training. 5 weeks ago we finally decided to get serious, so we employed the bare-bottom method. The first day, I told D that he was a big boy now and wasn't going to wear diapers anymore. He hung around the house wearing nothing but a t-shirt and amazingly, he used the potty all day long with no accidents! Since then, he has done pretty well with a few accidents here and there. At school, he wore sweats without any underwear. We tried underwear after the first week, but he started having accidents instantly, so we held off for a couple more weeks.

This past week, he had no accidents at school and even went without wearing a pull-up during naptime! It's amazing how fast he picked it up. He loves to repeat "no more diapers!"