2014 project life planning

Now that the new year has come, it's time for me to get organized and figure out how I am going to keep up with getting all my pictures off my hard drive and into albums. I started using the digital project life scrapbooking system last year and love it. I got sidetracked last year and wasn't able to keep up with my album, so I have a lot to catch up on for 2013, but I think my new organizational system is going to help me be a lot more efficient!

To keep me organized, I downloaded the Traci Reed 2014 Project Life Planner. It includes weekly sheets where you can record the day's events, as well as a monthly calendar. Some of the other features I really love are the layout grids on each page, as well as the extra space for to-dos and notes. I still use the Momento App on my phone to record daily happenings, but then I can transfer the notes into the Traci Reed Planner each week, along with the photo filenames to have one comprehensive place for each week's planning. I also keep a poly folder in the back of the planner where I put things that I either want to scan or insert into their own pocket protector. I mark items in the poly folder with a post-it with the week that it corresponds to and then make a note of items that need to be scanned in the planner.




For 2014, I decided to use the Becky Higgins Honey Edition as my main kit. It's easier for me if I just stick with one kit for the year. To help me remember what all is in the kit, I print out pdfs of all the elements and then number them so I know which file number they are on my computer. I also do this for all my other elements, such as overlays, quotes, etc. Makes it so much easier to keep everything straight!




I also keep a section in one of my binders for "notes," which is where I keep track of how to do certain things in Photoshop Elements. I find that I forget things if I take some time off from scrapbooking!

I plan to print 12x12 photobooks through Blurb. I also have a goal of finishing D's baby book before baby #2 gets here in May and I will be using the Project Life Baby Edition for that. I will be busy!